Call of Dragons Manastones Guide 

Call of Dragons Manastones Guide 

In Call of Dragons, you will find a lot of different manastones that will give you benefits. There are a lot of different types of mana stones for gathering, training speed, researching, and so on. Manastone is crucial if you want to progress faster and boost your unit’s strength. So in this guide, we will explain where to find manastone, how to use them, and how to get the most out of them.

Where can I find manastone?

Where can I find manastone in Call of Dragons

Manastones are Behemoth acolyte droops that can be found near Behemoths. So in order to get manastone, you will have to kill Behemoth Acolytes. Once you kill them, they will drop manastone, but the benefits it will have are random. So, if you’re not lucky, you’ll have to kill a lot of them until they drop manastones with useful benefits that you need, such as training speed.

The amount of benefits depends on the type of Behemoths. Higher the level of Behemoths, the more benefits you will get for mana stone. So it is best to attack and look for higher-level Behemoths. If you are a new player, you can always ask your alliance members to help you clean Behemoth Acolytes so you can get manastone. But you should kill Behemoth Acolytes not only because they are dropping manastone, but also because they give you prestige and experience for heroes and artifacts

If you are a new player and you are not able to destroy higher-level Behemoth Acolytes you can zoom out from the map and check each Behemoth lair to see if there is any manastone available so you do not have to defeat Behemoth Acolytes. 

How to use Manastone in Call of Dragons

How to use Manastone in Call of Dragons

To use mana stone you have to send your units to gather it. Now, if you have to defeat the Behemoth Acolytes you will have to send your units. If they are already defeated, you can send your fastest heroes with the mobility talent tree to gather manastone so you do not waste too much time walking. 

There are a lot of different manastones, so it is important to know when and how to use them. There are manastones that will help you build and research faster. You have to get them before you start researching and building. Once you collect them, they will reduce the time needed to research technology and upgrade buildings.

After you start researching and building, you can pick up other manastones. The reason is that mana stones for researching, training and building do not work overtime as most people think. Having them activated all the time will not reduce time. They only reduce time when you are putting something into research, upgrading, or training.

If you are going to fight, then it is best to get manastone, which will increase your unit’s stats like defense and attack.

If you are not fighting or do not require manastone for researching, training, or upgrading, you can obtain manastone associated with your current activity in the game, such as gathering manastone.


Manastones are a great way to boost your progression and strength in Call of Dragons. They are dropped by Behemoth Acolytes that are near Behemoth lair. Higher-level Behemoth Acolytes will give you better manastones. Get the manastone that is associated with your current in-game activity and make sure that you have ones activated before you start researching, training, or building.

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