Call of Dragons Upgrading Units Guide

Call of Dragons Upgrading Units Guide

In Call of Dragons, there is an option to upgrade your units, which is crucial to understand, especially if you are a new player. There are a lot of things that go into upgrading units, like getting buffs, manastone, the time when you will upgrade, events, and so on. So, in this guide, we’ll go over how and why you should upgrade your units in Call of Dragons to get the most out of them.

Cost of Upgrading Units

The cost of upgrading units is balanced, and you will not spend more on upgrading. For example, when you upgrade to tier 3 units, the resources that you spent on training tier 3 units and upgrading them from tier 3 to tier 5 will be the same as if you trained to tier 5 units from scratch. This means that it is basically the same cost. 

Upgrading units as a new player

Upgrading units as a new player

You should never upgrade your units if you are a new player who does not have Tier 4 or Tier 5 units. There are several reasons why you should not upgrade units as a new player: You need resources for upgrading buildings and researching technology, you will not have a lot of training speed buffs and you will not have enough units for your heroes. 

There are a lot of buffs that you can get that will increase your training speed. When you reach tier 4 units, you will get a lot of buffs that will increase your training speed, so the time needed to upgrade and train units will be drastically reduced. But we advise that you do not upgrade units until you reach tier 5 units because you will need to upgrade units for a few different events in Call of Dragons. 

So as a new player, simply continue training higher-tier units and do not upgrade them. Also, never upgrade to tier 1 and tier 2 when you get to tier 3 as a new player. Use them for the gathering because they have a faster march speed, which means that they will be able to reach the gathering node faster.

When should you upgrade units?

When should you upgrade units in Call of Dragons

The best time to upgrade your units in Call of Dragons is when there is an event like the Strongest Lord or any other event that requires you to train units and has great rewards. Also, it is best to wait until you get to Tier 5 units unlocked. When you have tier 5 unlocked, all training buffs from technology will be unlocked.

One more reason to wait for tier 5 units is the value that you will get for upgrading from tier 4 to tier 5. When you upgrade from Tier 4 to Tier 5, you gain 6 power per unit but spend far fewer speedups and resources. In the end, the cost will be the same, but you will be able to earn much more points for the event.

How to get more troop training speed buffs? 

How to get more troop training speed buffs

Unit training speed buffs will reduce the time needed to train units, and it is crucial if you want to have a lot of units, especially if you are a new player. Ways to increase troop training speed are:

Technology: There are a lot of different technologies that will give you unit training speed. If you have tier 5 unlocked, then you’ve already unlocked all of them.

Behemoths: When your alliance defeats Behemoths, the whole alliance will get some occupation benefits. One of the benefits can be training speed. So before you start training, join the best alliance that is on the server so you can benefit from it.

Manastone: Each time you defeat units around Behemoths, they will drop manastone with benefits that you can collect. What benefits will have is random so zoom out of the map and look around Behemoths until you find training speed manastone. 

VIP/Honor Level: It is a great way to increase your training speed. Your main goal should be to get VIP/Honor level on level 8 because you will get a lot of benefits and training speed. 


You should never upgrade units unless you take everything that increases training speed, or you will lose a lot of time and speedups. Feel free to upgrade units if you just unlocked tier 5 and need a specific type of tier 5 unit that you will use with your best heroes so you can optimize your daily free healing.

If you are a player who does not care about events and just wants to fight, then simply upgrade all your units without events, but we still recommend that you try and get all the things that increase training speed.


If you are a new player, do not upgrade your units until you get at least Tier 4 units. When you decide to upgrade them, make sure you get all training speed buffs and that you can upgrade them during a special event like Strongest Lord. Also, redeem all Call of Dragons codes that can give you free speedups and resources that you can spend on upgrading units.

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