All Call of Dragons Heroes List

All Call of Dragons Heroes List

On this page, you will find all Call of Dragons heroes that are currently available in the game. There are 4 different rarities of heroes that you will find in the game and they are Elite, Epic, and Legendary. Each one of the heroes is unique and comes with different skills, power roles, etc. Down you can sort the table to how you like and by clicking on the name of the hero you will be taken to a guide about that hero, best talent builds, artifacts, pairings, etc.

Call of Dragons Heroes

HeroRankRaceFactionMap BuffsUnit BuffsTeam Role
Ordo EliteOrcWilderburgEngineeringOverallTank
Kella EliteHalflingLeague of OrderGatheringOverallSupport
Chakcha EliteOrcWilderburgGatheringOverallSkills
Eliana EpicHumanLeague of OrderPeacekeepingOverallSupport
Alistair EpicHumanLeague of OrderRallyCavalryTank
Nika LegendaryHumanLeague of OrderPeacekeepingInfantrySkills
Liliya LegendaryHumanLeague of OrderPeacekeepingMagicSkills
Garwood LegendaryIronbark TreantsSpringwardensGarrisonInfantryTank
Hosk LegendaryTavrosiWilderburgRallyOverallPrecision
Emrys LegendaryElfSpringwardensPvPCavalryMobility
MadelineEpicHumanLeague of OrderPvPOverallTank
Alwyn EpicElfSpringwardensPvPMagicControl
Bakhar EpicOrcWilderburgGarrisonInfantrySkills
Kregg EpicGoblinWilderburgEngineeringMarksmanMobility
Waldyt EpicHumanLeague of OrderPvPMagicSkills
Atheus EpicCelestialLeague of OrderPvPMagicMobility
Gwanwyn EpicElfSpringwardensPeacekeepingMarksmanPrecision
Kinnara Legendary/WilderburgPvPMarksmanControl
Velyn LegendaryElfSpringwardensPvPMagicControl
Pan Epic/WilderburgGatheringOverallSupport
Theia LegendaryCelestialLeague of OrderPvPOverallSupport
Ffraegar LegendaryElfSpringwardensPeacekeepingMarksmanMobility
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