Call of Dragons Update 1.0.23 “Anniversary Celebrations”

Call of Dragons Update 1.0.23 “Anniversary Celebrations”

Version 1.0.23 “Anniversary Celebrations” is coming to Call of Dragons. Here are some details on the update:

Anniversary Celebrations Are Coming!

Celebrate our anniversary with a 14-day series of fantastic events! Log in to win exclusive City Themes, Avatar Frames, and Nameplates!

  1. Carnival Party: Celebrate our anniversary and gain amazing rewards!
  2. Sign-In Souvenirs: Sign in for 7 days and win great gifts!
  3. Anniversary Gift: Claim your Gem bundle as a token of our thanks!
  4. Magical Memories: Look back on a year of amazing achievements!
  5. Great Heights: Amid countless trials, surpass your boundaries! Ascend to glory and become the living legend!
  6. Lucky Flip: Try your luck and win amazing prizes!
  7. Artifact Throwback: Pick up time-limited Legendary Artifacts from previous Seasons!
  8. Dawngrad Banquet: Put together a feast fit for Heroes!
  9. Caravan Escort: Complete Escort Quests for bountiful rewards!
  10. Automaton Raid: Team up to take on powerful automatons!

A Smoother Route to Prosperity

  1. Season 2+ is now referred to as Season B1 (Belleron 1). This does not affect the Season content.
  2. Improved the Season 2 map. Players entering Season 2 will be able to enjoy an all-new map once the update is complete. This will not affect players currently in Season 2.
  3. Improved the Alliance recommendations and Alliance joining features in Season T1. The system will not recommend Alliances where the Leader and Rank 4 members have been inactive for a period of time. If you try to join an inactive Alliance, you will be notified beforehand.
  4. Improved Season Talent Quests in Season T1. Calculations for the Quests Legendary Spear, Conquering Sword and Fearless Blade now begin 24 hours after the Augurstone stage Chest of Desire begins (previously 12 hours).
  5. Changed the name of a Season Talent branch in Season T1. Ranged Assault is now named Battle Acuity.
  6. Added Personal Glory Point Rankings for Alliances in Season T1.
  7. Changed certain Policies and technologies. Policies related to Gem gathering now increase your CP recovery speed. The technology Gem Gathering has now been added.
  8. Removed Alliance Tech related to the speed of destroying Barricades. These technologies have been replaced with effects that increase your Gather Speed for all resources.
  9. Removed Policies related to new server openings in Season 1. As some of these policies would increase your Legion Capacity, Legion Capacity has been increased for all Heroes from the beginning of Season 1. This change will only take effect on newly opened Season 1 servers. Per-level Elixir production and daily Resource Healing has been increased for Hospital buildings on all servers.
  10. Improved unit promotion. After you successfully promote units, your previous choice will be retained the next time you open the unit training page, allowing you to more easily promote large numbers of units.

An Even Richer Combat Experience!

  • Improved sorting feature for Heroes, Artifacts and War Pets, adding the ability to sort items in ascending and descending order. Also added a new filter feature, allowing you to find Heroes, Artifacts, and War Pets you need based on your requirements.
  • Improved the auto-positioning system for Melee and Ranged Legions. Legions will now position themselves more naturally when marching in groups.
  • Improved Legion marching. Legions will now move more freely when trying to enter nearby buildings or Cities.
  • Engineering Talent Barricade Destroyer has been replaced by Hard Hats. Previously (Barricade Destroyer): Increases Engineering by 200% when your Legion destroys a Barricade. —Now (Hard Hats): Your Legion gains 10% enemy ATK mitigation when building or destroying buildings in the field.
  • Improved descriptions for Engineering-related Hero Skills and Talents.
  • Reduced the difficulty of certain Dragon Trail stages.
  • Added a ‘skip preview’ feature for certain Dragon Trail stages.
  • Fixed an issue where Tohar’s Skill Earth Conduit would not take effect on Behemoths.
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Lizard’s Skill Icecore would not take effect at 2 Stars.
  • Fixed an issue where enabling Artifact Skill Auto-Cast would cause you to attack enemies in the field other than your current target.
  • Improved balance by increasing Infantry and Cavalry combat features: Increased the Charge/Rush distance, speed, and duration for the Infantry Skill Berserker Charge and Cavalry Skill Unyielding Rush. —Greatly reduced damage taken by Infantry Legions when launching Berserker Charge. —Cavalry Legions will no longer be intercepted by other Legions when launching Unyielding Rush.

More Enjoyable Events

  • You can now skip all animations in Lucky Spin and Wheel of Destiny.
  • You can now use wounded units in Celestial Battlegrounds and Trial of Light.
  • Season Reward notifications are now clearer when entering a new Season.
  • Fixed an issue where resource cost reductions would not be shown when training or promoting Legions during the Chest of Charms event.
  • Fixed an issue where progress and points would not be displayed properly in the College Credit event.

An Improved Alliance System

Following player feedback, we have made changes to certain Alliance Officer privileges. Designated Alliance Officers can now appoint other members, remove certain Alliance Buildings and Alliance Members’ personal buildings, and recall Alliance Members’ Legions from Behemoth Lairs.

Incredible Story Content

  • Added 12 dynamic emojis for Liliya, Hosk, and other Heroes. Increase your Heroes’ Trust Levels to unlock these amazing new emojis!
  • Added a Story Playback feature, allowing you to view previous story content while watching the story.
  • Improved various story-related visual effects.
  • Improved story-related skipping. You will be able to skip story content regardless of whether it is your first time watching.
  • Improved character behavior and visual effects inside your City, making characters appear more lively and natural.

Other Improvements

  • Improved unit appearances for Wilderburg. Units at each level now have more impressive appearances.
  • Added a Server Hotspots feature. Once observing other servers becomes available on your server, you can enable this feature on the map to see where the most active areas are.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying levels for enemies during the Season 2 Season Story.
  • You can now view the sources of unobtained Artifacts.
  • Improved user experience for selling War Pet Skills. It is now more difficult to carry out an action by mistake.

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