Villages, Camps, and Caves Guide Call of Dragons 

How to scout villages, camps, and caves

Scouting villages, camps, and caves in Call of Dragons is one of the most important things that you have to do as a new player. By scouting and exploring, you will receive huge amounts of rewards like speedups, resources, and free technology, but what is more interesting is that you can even get tier 4 units. All these rewards that you will get will dramatically boost your progression. 

How to scout villages, camps, and caves easier

There are a few things you can do to improve your scouting speed, allowing you to find villages, camps, and caves more quickly and easily.

The first thing that you have to do to scout faster in Call of Dragons is to upgrade your scout post. By upgrading the scouting post, you will increase scouting speed, but you will also increase exploration range. As a new player, you should upgrade the scouting camp to level 11 because you will be able to send 3 scouting troops. 

When you are sending scouts, make sure that you are sending them in different directions. Make sure that you activate an option that will keep your scouts in position for 60 minutes after completing scouting. 

Now it is best to start scouting around your city, but when you are going to sleep, you can find a city or flag that is far from you and scout it. That will clear so much fog.


Camps Call of Dragons

There are 3 different versions of camps in Call of Dragons, and they are:

  • Astrology Camp
  • Mercenary Camp 
  • Trade Camp 

Astrology Camp: This camp is important because when you discover it, you will get one free technology. You will be given two technologies to choose from. 

Mercenary Camp: This camp will give you a small number of troops, but it is great if you are a new player. 

Trade Camp: This camp is great because you can get a continent map so you can clear fog faster and find even more rewards. 


Villages Call of Dragons

Villages are important in Call of Dragons because they will give you some nice rewards when you visit them. Each village can have different rewards or types of quests. They are not hard to do. 

There are wonders in Call of Dragons, and each wonder has a set of villages associated with it. Now, in order to get great rewards from wonders, you have to complete quests from villages associated with those wonders. Each village will have three different quests from which to choose. So make sure that you do all of them to get rewards like Tier 4 troops. Also, they are not that hard to do. 


Caves Call of Dragons

When you discover a cave, you can choose between playing the card or simply collecting rewards. What you choose is up to you. 

How to find villages, camps, and caves on the map 

How to find villages, camps, and caves on the map 

Some people are struggling to find villages, camps, and caves that they have discovered, but it is easy to see all of them. The first thing you have to do is zoom out of the map. When you are zoomed out in the left part of the screen, change the option from alliance to explore. By changing that, you will see all the villages, camps, and caves that you have discovered. 

Villages and camps that you did not complete will be in white, while the ones that you have completed will be in green.

The Call of Dragons map is huge, so we recommend you clear it zone by zone. If you do not go zone by zone, you will make a huge mess with your map, and you will have a hard time finding what villages, camps, and caves you have completed and what you have not. 

You can also go to the scout report and, when scouts find new ones, simply complete them. Sometimes it can be hard to scout villages and camp on your phone, so we recommend you download Call of Dragons on PC


Rewards from villages, camps, and caves are insanely good for new players. They will boost your progression. If you start completing and exploring them too late, the value of the rewards will go down. For example, getting 400 Tier 4 troops and 10k resources will have a huge impact on new players and their progression. Getting these rewards when you have Tier 4 and Tier 5 troops will make no difference and impact your progression.

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