How to Unlock Tier 5 troops in Call of Dragons Guide 

How to Unlock Tier 5 troops in Call of Dragons Guide 

Tier 5 troops in call of dragons are the strongest tier of troops and they are almost twice more powerful than tier 4 troops. To get tier 5 troops in Call of Dragons you will need almost every signal building on max and technology on max. You will spend a lot of time playing and it will take you a long time in order to get tier 5 troops especially if you are free to play player. So we will give our best to show you how to speed up your process of getting tier 5 troops. 

The game is still new and there will be a lot of improvements, changes, and ways to get tier 5 troops so we will update this guide with additional information soon. 

Tier 5 research requirement 

Tier 5 research requirement 

To get tier 5 troops in the call of dragons you will need whole Economic technology on max and military. To research the last few military technologies you will need over 300 days. That is why it is important to know how to reduce that time and speed things up.

During your progress of getting tier 5 units, you should get tier 4 troops as soon as it is possible so you can max out the whole economic technology. Now how fast you will research your technology depends on a lot of factors like your activity, do you have Honor level 8, are you in whale alliance, etc.

Buildings requirement to unlock Tier 5 

When it comes to the Buildings requirement to unlock Tier 5 you will basically need every single building on max level. Most of them will not take too much time to build but they will cost a large number of resources. The most important buildings that you have to focus on from the start are the City Hall and the College of Order.

City Hall– will give you additional legion capacity and additional march queue which is incredibly important for farming and fighting enemies. 

College of Order– There are a few things that you have to know about the College of Order and why it is important in getting tier 5. First thing is that at some point you will be limited with technologies that you can unlock. for some technologies, you will have to meet the level requirements of the College of Order.

So basically you will not be able to research until you upgrade your College of Order which is an incredible waste of time. If this happens to you, you have to use speedups. One more thing that is important is that when you upgrade College of Order you will get additional research speed that will save you so much time. 

How to get Tier 5 troops faster in Call of Dragons 

After we covered some basics and requirements for tier 5 troops now we will talk about all the ways to speed up your progression. Even if you follow every single thing that we mention, getting tier 5 will take a lot of time. So make sure that you are active and be patient especially if you are free to play. 

Gathering- you have to gather as much as you can. You will need an absurd amount of resources for both research and building. So make sure to send your gathering troops to farm resources and have the right gathering talent tree.

Creating a Farm account- farm accounts are crucial things and important. With them, you will be able to farm resources and send them to the main account so you will never run out of them. Even when you get to tier 5 troops you will need a farm account so you can train them and heal your hospital

Speedups- There are a lot of types of speedups in Call of Dragons and the most valuable are universal speedups. So never use universal speedup on healing, training, and building because it is a waste. Only use them to research technology. The time for building is nowhere near long as the time needed to research the last few technologies. 

Whale alliance- A whale alliance is an alliance that has a lot of players who are purchasing packs and bundles for in-game stores. Whenever they purchase something you will get a chest and in that chest, you are able to get a variety of items like gems, speedups, and honor which are incredibly useful and they will drastically speed up your progression. 

Alliance Technology- Alliance technology is crucial in order to get tier 5 as soon as possible. In alliance, some technologies will reduce the time needed to research and build something. So join the active whale alliance and make sure that you also donate to alliance technology every single day. 

Honor level 8 in Call of Dragons

Honor- Honor level 8 is by far the most important thing that you have to get as soon as possible. With honor level 8 you will get additional research which means that you will be able to research 2 technologies at the same time. Spend all your gems on it, it will speed up your progression by 50% and you will get additional bonuses that will boost the strength of your troops and speed up your building time. 

Events- There are so many events in Call of Dragons that will have some excellent rewards but most importantly they will give you speedup that you can spend on researching and building. So make sure that you complete every single event that is in the game. 

Wilderburg Faction 

Factions- There is not a lot of faction currently available in Call of Dragons but the best ones that you can take to speed up unlocking of tier 5 are League of Order which will increase your gathering speed and Wilderburg Faction to speedup your building speed.

Redeem Codes- developers are popular for releasing a lot of code throughout the year so make sure that you redeem every single one of them. With Call of Dragons Codes, you will be able to get valuable gems and speed-ups that will help you a lot in getting tier 5 units. 

Conclusion Tier 5 troops are the strongest in the game and they have a huge impact on the game. Requirements for tier 5 are insane, you need almost every single thing on max level. It is best that you stay active, complete every single event in the game, and have fun.

Do not lose hope when you see that someone got tier 5 troops much faster than you because they spend money to get them and they can not win a fight alone. Call of Dragons is a team game and 2 tier 4 players with the best heroes can easily destroy tier 5 players. We will update this guide with more information soon so stay tuned.

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