Call of Dragons Troops/Legion Capacity and Queue Guide

Troops Capacity and Queue Guide

Troop/Legion Capacity and Queue in Call of Dragons is one of the most important things that players must know how to get and increase them. No matter if you are a new or advanced player, increasing Troop/Legion Capacity and Queue will drastically make you stronger and allow you to progress faster. 

Some of the benefits of increasing Troop/Legion Capacity and Queue are gathering more resources, more damage in battles, destroying darklings faster, being able to defend structures better, etc. 

Troops/Legion Queue

In Call of Dragons Troops/Legion Queue is the number of sets of troops that you can have on the map at the same time. By increasing the Troops/Legion Queue you will be able to gather more resources, join more rallies, and defend more structures. If you are a new player you will have only one Troops/Legion Queue available but by upgrading City Hall you will unlock access to more of them. 

That is why every single player should level up city hall on level 22. Once you level up your city hall on level 22 you will be able to use the 5 Troops/Legion Queue on the map. 

  • City Hall Level 4: 2nd march queue slot unlocked
  • City Hall Level 11: 3rd march queue slot unlocked
  • City Hall Level 17: 4th march queue slot unlocked
  • City Hall Level 22: 5th march queue slot unlocked 

Troops/Legion Capacity

Troops Capacity bonus

Troops/Legion Capacity in Call of Dragons is the number of troops that your hero can lead. More Troops/Legion means that your hero will be able to deal more damage. This is important for new players especially for advanced players when they reach the end game. At the end game players will fight a lot against other players, defend and rally objectives so Troops/Legion Capacity will play a significant role in the outcome of the battle. 

There are a few ways to increase Troops/Legion Capacity and they are

City Hall level- When you upgrade your City Hall you will increase your Troops/Legion capacity. That is why City hall is the most important building that you can upgrade. 

Hero Skills- In Call of Dragons there are heroes that have skills for increasing Troops/Legion Capacity. One of them is called Madeline. So make sure that you check all heroes and their skills so you can learn about them. If your hero has a skill that is increasing Troops/Legion Capacity is not high level then you can always use him as a secondary hero. 

Hero Level- Leveling up heroes has a lot of benefits and one of them is Troops/Legion Capacity. Each time you level up your hero you will get additional capacity which is great. That is why it is important to always use heroes that are at the highest level. 

Hero Talent tree- there are some heroes that have talent trees that will increase their capacity. One example is the War Banner talent tree. The amount of capacity that you will get is decent. So if your main goal is to increase capacity make sure that you take War Banner. 

Talent tree for troop capacity

Honor level and Capacity items- Unfortunately, we were unable to find honor level and capacity items that will increase your Troops/Legion capacity. We are mentioning them because they are available in other games so there is a high chance that they will be implemented in Call of Dragons also. 

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