Call of Dragons Heroes Guide – Heroes Tips and Tricks

Call of Dragons Heroes Guide - Heroes Tips and Tricks

Heroes in Call of Dragons play an important role in your progression, strength, and gameplay. Each one of the heroes is unique and there are a lot of things that you can upgrade on them. Because heroes play a big part in Call of Dragons, especially in fighting, it is important to know everything about them, what is important, and the mistakes that you have to avoid. 

What are the heroes in Call of Dragons

Heroes in Call of Dragons are commanders that will lead your troops in battle and in gathering resources. Each one of them has five unique skills, different stats, and talent trees. Because every one of them is unique, it is perfect for creating strategies for PVP and PVE. 

There are 3 different rarities of the heroes: Elite, Epic, and Legendary. Elite heroes are the easiest to get, but they are also the weakest, while legendary heroes are the most powerful, but they are extremely hard to get. Feel free to check the list of all heroes in Call of Dragons divided by roles and rarity.

Skills and Rage of Heroes

Each commander has five different skills that you can upgrade to level 5. The first skill of each commander is the most important, which will deal the most damage. That is why it is important that you do not upgrade your heroes’ levels and stars until you get your first skill at max level. It will cost 1000 rage to activate the first skill on every hero. When you engage an enemy, a normal attack will produce rage. When rage reaches 1000, your hero will activate the first skill, and rage will go back to 0. 

Depending on heroes, you can improve rage generation by using a hero that has a rage generation bonus as a secondary hero, or you can use a talent tree that increases rage generation. Now, this all depends on what type of hero you are using. 

Talent Tree Build 

Talent Tree Build 

Each hero will have a talent tree, and how you build it depends on your goal, hero role, what units you are using, etc. If your hero is using the wrong talent tree build, it will lose so much potential and value in battles. To increase the number of talent points that you can use in the talent tree, you have to level up your hero. 

Now it is important to know that the talent tree from the secondary hero does not work, only the talent tree from the primary hero will work. So there is no point in leveling a hero to the max level that you will use as a secondary hero. 

If you are not sure where to spend points, you can check out the Call of Dragons talent tree guide, where you will find talent tree builds for each hero. 

Hero Stamina 

Heroes’ stamina is the type of energy that your hero will consume each time you attack. You will get your stamina back every hour. That is why you should plan how you will use stamina and what you will attack. This will be extremely crucial in the late game when you will fight a lot.

Additional Hero Tips and Tricks  .

Type of troops

Type of troops

Each hero in Call of Dragons specializes in different types of troops, and a lot of talent trees and skills are focused on one type of troop. For example, if you use infantry-type troops with Nika, you will get all the benefits from the skills and talent tree, but if you use magic troops with her, you will lose all of them. That is why you should always use the correct type of troop. 

Focus City Hall

Upgrade Hall Of Order in Call of Dragons

The City Hall is an important building that you have to upgrade if you want to have a strong army. When you upgrade, it will increase your troops’ capacity (the number of troops that your hero can have), which will ultimately make you stronger and deal more damage.

Focus on getting Legendary Heroes 

Legendary heroes are the most powerful in Call of Dragons. Legendary heroes can be leveled to 60 while epic heroes can be leveled to 50. This means that epic heroes will have fewer troop counts and fewer points for the talent tree. Also, the skills of legendary heroes are much better than those of epic heroes. 

Upgrade first skill

Upgrade first skill on heroes

We already mentioned that the first skill of each hero is the most powerful, so make sure that you upgrade it to the max level, then you can start upgrading other skills. 

Focus on leveling heroes that you will use as a primary

Leveling heroes can be time-consuming, so you must focus only on heroes that you will use as primary commanders. Each time you level heroes, you will be able to use more troops and you will get additional talent tree points that you can use. 

Get Honor level 8

Get Honor level 8

Honor level 8 is important because it will give you a legendary hero sculpture every day. So make sure that you get it as soon as possible. 

Equip Right artifacts 

There are a lot of different artifacts in Call of Dragons, so you must use the correct one. There is no point, for example, using an artifact for gathering on a hero that is for fighting. 

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