Call of Dragons Lucky Spin Guide, Schedule and Order

Call of Dragons Lucky Spin Guide, Schedule and Order

Lucky Spin is an event in Call of Dragons where players can win great items, but most importantly, hero tokens. It is worth taking part in this event because it is a great way to get legendary hero tokens so you can summon legendary heroes and upgrade them. The amount of gems you spend on this event is determined by a number of factors. In this guide to Lucky Spin, we will talk about everything and how to get the best possible value from it. 

Lucky Spin Schedule and Order

There is no fixed schedule in Call of Dragons for when the Lucky Spin event will show up or which legendary hero token will have it. It all depends on how old your kingdom is, whether there are any new heroes in the game, etc. In most cases, the lucky spin will show up in your kingdom every 3 weeks, but sometimes it can be 6 weeks. So be patient and save up your gems. 

An Overview of the Lucky Spin 

Lucky Spin call of dragons

There are a lot of new players who are not familiar with Lucky Spin, so we will start the guide with a short overview of this event. If you are an experienced player, you can go to the next part and read about the best way to get rewards. 

Lucky Spin is a great event where you can get good items, but most importantly, you can get legendary hero tokens, which are insanely valuable and hard to get. The only problem with this event is that you will need a lot of gems to spin the lucky spin, which means that it is paid to win the event.

But that does not mean that you should not spin it as a free-to-play game. The number of legendary tokens you receive depends on your luck and the number of gems you have, but there are some guaranteed tokens that you will receive after a few spins.

How and when to spin the Lucky Spin

Lucky Spin in Call of Dragons

When and how you spin Lucky Spin in Call of Dragons depends on a few factors, like whether you have a hero that is on a lucky spin, how many gems you have, and whether you are free to play as a player or not. So we will try our best to explain to you how and when to spin it so you can get the best value possible. 

Before you start spinning, you must check which hero is in Lucky Spin. If it’s a good hero or a hero that you want to have, then you definitely want to spin it. If you are not sure if the hero that is in the lucky spin is good, you can check out the Call of Dragons Tier List

When you decide to spin it, you must check how many gems you have. If you are a pay to win player and do not care about gems, then you can spin the wheel all 100 times, but if you are free to play or a small spender, then you have to be extremely careful. Each spin costs 700 gems, and your main goal is to get at least 10 spins. After 10 spins, you will be able to open an extra chest that will give you 5 hero tokens.

Keep in mind that each day you will get one free spin, so in total, you will have to buy 7 spins, which in total will cost 4900 gems. That is not a bad price to get 5 legendary heroes, and if you are lucky, you can get even more. If you need a hero, then you can go and try to get 10 legendary tokens so you can summon the hero so you can use universal tokens on him.

If you have extra gems and you want to max out the hero, then we recommend you go and spin the wheel 50 times. If you spin it 50 times, you will get a lot of legendary tokens from the chest, and if you are lucky, you will get some extra from the spins.

If you read the rules, you will notice that it says that after 50 spins you will get premium rewards with 10 additional hero tokens, which is an insanely good addition. In total, it will cost you 32900, so make sure that you want to get that hero. Only spin it to 50 if you need that hero, otherwise, it is not worth it if you are free to play as a player. 

Is it worth spending gems on Lucky Spin?

Is it worth spending gems on Lucky Spin?

Yes, it is worth it to spend gems on a lucky spin, but only to unlock a free chest that you will get after 10 spins. There are better places to spend your gems, like your honor level. If you need a hero that is in a lucky spin, then you can go and spin it 50 times so you can max it as soon as possible.

Otherwise, do not. Also, we recommend you always spin 10 times every time a lucky spin is in the game because the value is great, especially when universal legendary tokens are part of the reward. If you need additional gems you can use Codes for Call of Dragons

Lucky Spin Chances

Lucky Spin Chances

Premium Hero Tokens2.5%
3H Speedup11%
500k Gold7%
Hero Token25%
500k Wood7%
3H Training Speedup12%
Legendary Medal14%
375k Ore7%
Season 1 Custom Token8%
200k Mana6.5%

Event Rules and In-Game Info

The Goblin Black Market in Blackcrow Gorge is a mysterious place where incredibly rare items, including Hero Tokens, can be found. Nobody knows where the Goblin Merchants get their wares from! Participate in the Goblin Merchant’s Lucky Spin Event for the chance to win valuable Hero Tokens!

1. During the event, you get 1 free spin every day, which will not count toward the spin limit. The subsequent spins will cost Black Market Vouchers. You will not be allowed any more spins after reaching the spin limit.

2. After a certain number of spins, you will receive an additional reward from the Goblin Merchant. You are also guaranteed to receive a Premium Reward after 50 spins. The initial chance of getting a Premium Reward is 2.5%, which becomes 3% after factoring in the guarantee. The initial chance of getting other rewards is 97.5%, which becomes 97% after factoring in the guarantee.

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