Strongest Lord Event Guide Call of Dragons

Strongest Lord Event Guide Call of Dragons

The Strongest Lord Event is the most important event in Call of Dragons. During this event, you can get new legendary heroes. There are six different stages of the Strongest Lord Event, and each stage lasts for 24 hours. After all the stages are over, players with the most points will get rewards that include legendary heroes’ sculptures. 

The problem with the Strongest Lord Event in Call of Dragons is that it is almost impossible to get to the top spots if you are a free-to-play player. Pay-to-win players will have a huge advantage in this event because they have a lot of resources to spend.

So if you are a free-to-play player, it is best to skip this event, especially if you do not have tier 5 units, or skip a few of them until you have collected enough resources so you can compete against pay-to-win players. Do not forget to redeem all the Call of Dragons codes so you can get extra resources for the Strongest Lord event.

Strongest Lord Event Phases

Strongest Lord Event Phases

In Call of Dragons Strongest Lord event has six different phases:

  • Legion Training
  • Defeat Darklings
  • Resource Gathering
  • Power Up
  • First 4 stages combined
  • Battle Stage

Legion Training Stage

Legion Training Stage is where you can get a lot of points. Here are some important tips and things that you have to do in the Legion Training stage:

Training buff: make sure that you look around the map for mana stones that will increase your training speed. Once you collect it, it will reduce your training speed by a lot. Also, make sure that you have a high VIP level because you can get a lot of training speed reduction.

Upgrading troops

When you are upgrading tier 4 to tier 5 troops, you will save a lot of speedups and resources. That is why it is important to have tier 5 troops unlocked and a lot of tier 4 troops waiting to be upgraded.

  • Train 1x Tier 1 unit: 5 points
  • Train 1x Tier 2 unit: 10 points
  • Train 1x Tier 3 unit: 20 points
  • Train 1x Tier 5 unit: 40 points
  • Train 1x Tier 5 unit: 100 points

By upgrading from tier 4 to tier 5, you will get 60 points, but it will take you less time and resources to create them. 

Defeat Darklings

Defeat Darklings

When it comes to defeating the Darklings, it all depends on how much Command Points CP you have. You want to defeat as many darklings as you can. Higher darkling levels will give you more points, so aim to defeat levels 21 and above.

It is important that you use heroes that have peacekeeping talent trees because it will allow you to defeat darklings easier and it will reduce your AP cost per darkling. 

Resource Gathering

Resource Gathering

Resource gathering is a simple stage but requires a lot of time and dedication. You want all five troops to farm the whole day. Gathering mana will give you most of the points. You can increase your gathering by using gathering heroes, a Call of Dragons talent tree built for gathering, artifacts for gathering, researching technology and policies, and increasing your VIP level.

Power Up

Power Up is great for players who do not have all buildings and technologies at max level. So in this stage, make sure that you get a mana stone that will increase your building and researching speed. Also, upgrading the mana production building is the most expensive, but it will give you the most points. 

Battle Stage

The battle stage in Call of Dragons is the stage where you will have most of the fun. You can get a huge amount of points in this stage if you know how to play and if you have the best heroes in the game. Killing tier 5 units will give you most of the points, but killing tier 4 units is also worth it. Here are some ways you can increase your points during the battle stage:

Fighting other players: When you are fighting against other players, you will also take a lot of damage, which will cost a lot in terms of healing. So if you are planning to fight other players, make sure that you find players that have worse commanders than you, avoid fighting against Tier 5 units, have the right talent tree, get mana stones for the attack, and use the right hero pairings and artifacts.

Attack cities: Now a lot of players will play the game and quit after some time. So try to look for them and attack their cities. Just make sure that their powers are much lower than yours; otherwise, you will suffer a lot of damage even if they do not play anymore.

Hunt gatherers: Look on the map for enemy gathering units. Killing them will be incredibly easy since they are using gathering heroes and talent trees. It can be time-consuming, but it is 100% worth it. 

Farm account: if you have a farm account and extra resources, then you can kill units on your farm account to get extra points. Leave your strongest heroes on the field and attack them with 10,000 units from your farm account. This way, your main account units will not take any damage. If you need more points, then you can zero your farm account.

Alliance help: If you need more points, you can also ask your alliance members to help you get more points. Simply ask them to attack you with a small number of troops. A lot of players are doing this so they can secure the first spot in the Strongest Lord event.

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