Call of Dragons Developer Q&A #1

This is the first Developer Q&A in Call of Dragons. In this Developer Q&A, developers like to explore some of the recent hot topics in the community and share their plans for addressing them.

This is the first Developer Q&A in Call of Dragons. In this Developer Q&A, developers like to explore some of the recent hot topics in the community and share their plans for addressing them. If you have any suggestions that will improve Call of Dragons, go to the official discord and post them in the suggestion section.

What sort of gameplay will the new Season bring?

Will we have to explore the Mist again? A: We’re currently going all-in on preparations for the new Season, entitled “Stars Reignited”, and we’re more than happy to share some of the upcoming changes with you. These include a brand-new Village occupation feature, changes to the Pass system, adding a 6th star to Hero Star Ratings, higher-level Resource Points and Behemoths, and more. We think this new Season will really enhance the strategic experience.

Due to time constraints, the new Season has reduced the number of outlying Regions on the map of Tamaris. We believe this change to the map layout will bring a new dimension to Alliance strategies. And for this next Season, there won’t be any need to explore the Mist again—Camps and Supplies will be reset and available for you to claim once more. On top of this, we’re also working on an all-new Season with a new map and new storyline! The new Season should come online in Q3 of this year.

Why are some aspects of gameplay being reset in the new Season?

A: Our original intention was to reduce disparity between players, increase fairness, encourage interaction between Alliances, and avoid a scenario where the strongest players continue to get stronger. As players explore, fight, and grow, disparities between players begin to form due to the fact that some players are able to spend more time playing than others.

This leads to a “winner-takes-all” situation, making the game less fun for weaker players and Alliances. We also hope to give players the opportunity to try out multiple strategies. Resets are an important part of our approach. Of course, it is also true that resets can be a temporary setback for some players, as they have to get used to new Alliances and new Seasonal gameplay. A summary of which gameplay aspects will be reset is available in the Season Overview section of the Augurstone. We recommend making preparations before the Season ends.

Will there be more opportunities to gain Command Points?

A: We totally understand that players need to spend a large amount of CP to gain Hero EXP and level up their Heroes. However, increasing the availability of CP would put further pressure on players and could lead to greater disparities. For this reason, we are approaching this issue with caution.

At the same time, we are planning to change how Hero EXP can be earned in the next Season. After a Hero reaches Level 50, they will no longer be able to gain EXP through Peacekeeping battles (which cost CP). Instead, they will gain EXP through methods that cost Stamina. We will keep a close eye on feedback regarding this change.

I want to make sure that my Alliance Members are active players.

Will you make it possible to view the amount of time a player has spent offline, and the last time they logged in? A: We fully understand that Alliance Leaders would like to be able to judge their members’ activity by looking at their offline time and the time of their last login, and use activity as a metric for members in order to improve the Alliance’s overall development.

However, players across the globe have differing play habits, and protecting our players’ personal data is extremely important to us. In order to prevent overly harsh styles of Alliance management, we have no plans to make this kind of information fully available. We will be introducing leaderboards that display daily changes in players’ Power and weekly Merit totals. We hope this will help Alliance Leaders to better judge members’ activity and contributions while avoiding situations where players are judged to be inactive due to differences in global play habits. 

I’m concerned that our server will become inactive if no new players are able to join. Will Call of Dragons introduce a migration feature?

A: In version 1.0.15, we introduced a migration feature for players who have finished at least 2 Seasons. Many players on servers currently in Season 1 have asked for the ability to migrate to other servers. However, considering that server merging will take place after the Season 1 Season Summary, we have no plans to enable migration for servers in Season 1. Enabling migration too early could negatively impact the server merging process. That being said, if you have any other suggestions for cross-server gameplay, we’re always happy to hear them! 

Will you be adding a way to reduce the amount of time needed for Free Healing?

A: Free Healing is a major aspect of Call of Dragons, and we pay careful attention to feedback players have regarding this system. Furthermore, we fully understand that the players having the most trouble with the system are those who need access to a large number of units within a specific time frame (e.g. players taking part in large-scale combat). Long waits for Free Healing can lead to players being unable to participate in combat in time. In response to this, we will be replacing Free Healing with Elixir Healing. The new “Elixir” item can be used to instantly heal units.

Elixir can be obtained for free, but it cannot be purchased or traded for. Elixir is produced by and stored in your Hospital over time. Your Elixir Production Speed is determined by your Hospital’s level and any relevant Policies you may have enacted. But don’t worry—it’s essentially equivalent to your Free Heal Speed. Your Elixir storage limit will also vary depending on your Season, so it’s important to make plans to store and use it optimally.

This way, players preparing for battle can store Elixir ahead of time, allowing them to heal large numbers of units at once when needed and get into combat as quickly as possible. This change will not affect the existing Resource Healing system. The Elixir system will be introduced to the game in the next update. More information will be available soon. 

Currently, you can only create one character per server, so it’s not possible to create a new character on the same server. Will you add the ability to delete characters?

A: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are currently discussing the best way to handle this issue. Please keep an eye on future update announcements for more information.

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