Call of Dragons Update 1.0.22 “Rage of Dragons”

Call of Dragons Update 1.0.22 “Rage of Dragons”

Version 1.0.22 “Rage of Dragons” is coming to Call of Dragons. Here are some details on the update:

Season T1 “Rage of Dragons” is Coming!

After completing Season 2+, players will begin a whole new Season!

  • A new map of Tamaris, allowing for more intense combat.
  • Brand-new Season Policies, allowing you to formulate your own unique strategy.
  • Introducing the amazing new Season Talents system! Whether you want to focus on melee attacks, ranged combat, or building an impenetrable defense—it’s all up to you!

A Smoother Route to Prosperity

New Heroes:

  • Added the Legendary Hero Bertrand (Magic, PvP, Skills), available from the Lucky Spin and Wheel of Destiny events.
  • Added the Legendary Hero Tohar (Magic, Garrison, Support), available from the Wheel of Destiny and Strongest Lord events.

New Artifacts:

  • Added the Legendary Artifact Mirage Orb (Magic, PvP, Assault), available from the Forge of Light and Riches of the Forest events.
  • Added Epic Artifacts: Sunflame Hammer, Guardian’s Runic Longword, Steel-Heart Avenger, Lakeside Rhapsody, Dagger of Betrayal. All are available from the Forge of Light event.

New War Pets:
Added the War Pets Shadow Faedrake and Bruinbear. Both can now be captured in the field.

Improved Turrets:

  • Each player can now build a maximum of 2 Turrets (previously 3). Turret construction cooldown is now 5 hours (previously 3 hours)
  • Slightly reduced damage dealt by Turrets, while significantly increasing resources required to build a Turret.

Adjusted Spires:

  • Spires can no longer attack Alliance Behemoths.
  • Increased damage dealt by Spires.

Adjusted War Pet Skill values:

  • Split Painbloom (3 Stars): With every 155 points of Spirit, Split Painbloom hits an extra enemy Legion (previously 160).
  • Split Icecore (3 Stars): With every 150 points of Spirit, Split Icecore hits an extra enemy Legion (previously 160).

You will now receive recommendations for which Skills to teach your War Pet.
Improved the appearance of City buildings, giving your City a sleek new style.

Other Improvements:

  • Significantly increased the maximum number of occupiers for Villages in Season 2 and future Seasons.
  • You can now retain up to 100,000 Merits per week (previously 20,000) at the Merits Store.
  • Reduced the difficulty of capturing Beasts in the field.
  • Added information about Heroes’ likes and dislikes, available on their info page.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of Pan’s Awakened Skill “Prayer of Life” did not reflect the description.

An Even Richer Combat Experience!

Artifact Skill Auto-Cast and Easier Casting:

  • Artifact Skill casting is now easier. Tap or click the Artifact Skill icon and the system will recommend a suitable target. If you are happy with the target, tap the icon again to cast your Artifact Skill.
  • New Artifact Skill Auto-Casting feature. Unlocks at City Level 10. When necessary conditions are met, Artifact Skills will be automatically cast. This feature has a 2-second wait time. You can enable and disable this feature for different Artifacts.

Dragon Trail Improvements:

  • Certain stages have become solo escort, tower defense, or Behemoth raid stages.
  • All stages (apart from those mentioned above) now support Auto-Battle.
  • You can now multi-create Legions, and drag Legions to switch them out when deploying.
  • Improved display now shows more information during battle.Added Simple Mode. In the middle of intense battles, a pop-up will appear allowing you to enable Simple Mode, reducing the amount of unit information shown on screen and making your view less cluttered.

Improved Behemoth Combat:

  • In Season 2 servers where rule resets have already taken effect: Reduced occupation and Elite Raid difficulty for Giant Bear, Frost Giant, Thunder Roc, Hydra, and Necrogiant. Reduced occupation difficulty for Magma Daemon and Frost Dragon.
  • Season 2+: Reduced occupation and Elite Raid difficulty for Giant Bear, Frost Giant, Thunder Roc, Hydra, and Necrogiant.
  • Reduced proportion of severely wounded units while fighting Behemoths in the field.

Improved Roots of War Observation Feature:

  • Tap or click buildings to see a Battle Report for that building.
  • Added a Highlights button in the bottom right, allowing you to view particularly outstanding PvP Battle Reports.

In the interests of balance, the following changes have been made to the “Joyful Labor” Talent:

  • Previously: When your Legion is hit with a normal attack while gathering, they have a 100% chance to become Invulnerable and take no damage for a period of time. This effect can be triggered once every 60s.
  • Now: When your Legion is hit with a normal attack while gathering, they have a 20% chance to become Invulnerable and take no damage for a period of time. This effect can be triggered once every 30min.

Improved the deployment screen, changing the position of the Multi-Select button.

Other Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where certain Artifacts could attack Alliance Keeps and Rallied Armies.
  • Fixed a display issue for Madeline’s Rage Skill Blessed Blade.
  • Fixed an issue where the Artifact Skill Fleeting Beauty (Artifact: Springs of Silence) would sometimes hit an incorrect number of targets.
  • Fixed an issue where the War Pet Skills Split Painbloom, Super Fierce Attack, and Forceful Tempest would display incorrect values.
  • Improved the combat aggro system. Infantry Legions will now more easily attract enemy attacks in PvE battles.

More Enjoyable Events!

  • The Lunar New Year Event “Dazzling Revelry” is Coming!
  • Dazzling Revelry is a 7-day series of events with limited-edition City Themes, Avatar Frames and Nameplates up for grabs!
  • Festive Ball Machine: A ball machine made just for this occasion! Take part to win decorative items with a festive touch.
  • Trial of the Beast: Giant Bears have been transformed into terrifying Nian Beasts! Call up your friends and join with others to take on these legendary monsters!
  • Treasure Hunt: Collect Treasure Map Fragments to uncover the legendary “Lord of all Treasures”!
  • Vale Society Quiz: Unlock treasures with your knowledge! Join the Vale Society’s quiz event and win rewards prepared by Velyn!\

Adjusted point scoring and requirements for the Proving Grounds event in each Season:

  • Increased the ratio for converting Merits to points, and increased the Merit conversion limit.
  • Increased the number of points gained for occupying a Supreme Ancestor Statue.
  • Reduced point requirements for each tier of rewards, allowing you to gain rewards more easily.
  • Reduced the levels of Dwarven Guardians in the Proving Grounds event, making the event less difficult.
  • Added a large number of Daily Event Quest Rewards. This change will take effect for events that begin after the game version has been updated.
  • Tap or click the magnifying glass button next to a Hero’s name on the event screen to see more detailed information, including their combat record and story content.
  • Fixed an issue where Alliance Markers would display on the Treasure Map during the Treasure Hunt event.

An Improved Alliance System

  • Improved display for information on the Alliance War screen. When an Alliance Building comes under attack from multiple members of the same enemy Alliance, combat information will be merged together and presented in a single report.
  • Added an online/offline indicator to the Alliance Member screen. When an Alliance Member is offline for more than 8 hours, the Alliance Leader and Titled Officers will be able to see how long that member has been offline for.

A More Accessible Map

  • Added Markers to the Strategic Map. You can now select any location or target on the Strategic Map and lay down an arrow-shaped Marker.
  • Added new interactions for Trader Camps and Mercenary Camps.
  • After completing Exploration Events on the World Map, you have a chance to receive additional rewards. For the sake of balance, this change will take effect the next time you enter a new Season where exploration is available.

PC Improvements

Added a notifications feature. Important game information can be relayed to you via Windows system notifications.

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